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We’re moving industry forward.

From transport to aerospace, to energy and defense, our products deliver greater supply chain efficiency. We use our expertise in material technology to develop products that are flexible, long-lasting, and easy to adopt within a diverse set of applications and manufacturing processes.

We raise the bar for semi-trailer lightweighting
Armory Technologies is leading the way in semi-trailer lightweighting. Leveraging the power of mechanical metamaterials, our sandwich panels are engineered to be lighter than the current industry standard. We offer superior strength, added safety, and more sustainable options.

All Applications

Building Materials

  • Energy-efficient insulation materials for industrial, commercial, and residential building construction
  • Industry-leading sustainable materials that are a healthier option for people and planet
  • Temporary shelters for disaster and defense sites


  • Optimized thermomechanical materials for extreme environmental survivability
  • Lighter, strong materials that mitigate equipment fatigue under severe pressure and temperatures


  • Impact protection for aerial deliveries
  • Protective equipment
  • Lightweight portable field shelters for troop lodging


  • Advanced materials essential for low-altitude UAMVs (Urban Air Mobility Vehicles) and in-orbit flight
  • Mechanical metamaterials are at the forefront of innovation in aerospace

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