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Armory Technologies is the leader in mechanical metamaterial solutions.

We’re passionate about building a better world with our advanced material technology. Our mechanical metamaterial solutions defy common engineering trade-offs: lighter can be stronger; stronger can be thinner; and new materials are easy to adopt or integrate into your existing products.

Our technology makes products that are lighter, stronger, and safer. From transportation to aerospace, building materials to energy, our mechanical metamaterial solutions deliver a significant competitive advantage across industries.

Mechanical metamaterials are common materials – metals, polymers, composites – that are reshaped with patented geometric patterns to create a new advanced material, something that’s been engineered to have multiple optimized characteristics. Our ArmorLite panels are both light and strong, at least 30% lighter than standard composite panels, and offer greater stiffness-to-weight ratios than the current market standard.

And our team is keen to raise the bar on sustainability, providing solutions that help organizations meet their environmental and social commitments.

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Our products and solutions harness the power of geometry.


Versatile material solutions that have an immediate impact.

Our Story

Read how the art of origami inspired Armory’s journey.


We set the industry standard for innovation and leadership in mechanical metamaterial solutions.
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