About Us

Armory Technologies is the leader in mechanical metamaterial solutions.

Armory Technologies is a metamaterial solutions company empowering the world’s leading industries. We use the power of mechanical metamaterial technology to reshape product performance and support global environmental sustainability.

Armory Technologies creates metamaterial products that are stronger, lighter, and safer, compared to traditional materials on the market. From transport to aerospace, to energy and defense, our products deliver a significant competitive advantage. We use our expertise in advanced material technology to develop superior products that are easy to adopt within diverse applications and manufacturing processes.

Our team is raising the bar for environmental sustainability, providing access to the products and solutions organizations need to meet commitments to reduce their carbon footprint, from manufacture to end-of-life process of materials.

We collaborate to develop custom material solutions that result in organizational growth and the opportunity to stand out as leaders who drive innovation. As the industry standard for mechanical metamaterial leadership, Armory Technologies partners with the world’s industrial leaders to build the advanced material solutions needed for next-generation products.



Our products and solutions harness the power of mechanical metamaterials.


Our team brings material solutions to market quickly and effectively.

Our Story

Read how the art of origami inspired Armory’s material journey.


We set the industry standard for innovation and leadership in mechanical metamaterial solutions.
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