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About Us

We’re on a mission to reshape material performance.

Developed through R&D contracts with NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Energy, our origami-inspired technology is transforming the way the world uses materials.

Our story

It started with origami

Fascinated by turning flat sheets of paper into three-dimensional animals and objects, Dr. Jesse Silverberg’s love of origami embedded itself into his doctoral research at Cornell University.

Connecting with physicist Dr. Art Evans at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the team set out to demonstrate the power of origami to transform ordinary materials – like polymers, metals, and composites – into something more.

These Origami Composites are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Their properties depend more on geometric structure than molecular make up.

an origami composite prototype. a flat material has been folded to produce a 3d shape that looks similar to a 4-pointed star.
an origami composite prototype. a flat material has been folded to produce a 3d shape that looks similar to a 4-pointed star.


What began as an academic passion play evolved into a desire to bring the research to life. With a contract from the National Science Foundation, the team focused on sandwich panels as a viable application, using Origami Composites to replace conventional cores.

The outcome: a panel with superior stiffness-to-strength and up to 59% lighter. In the quest for better materials, it was a manufacturing breakthrough.

paul dowd and jesse silverberg smile as they consult a whiteboard in the Armory workshop

Building the business

Enter Paul Dowd, a business leader and entrepreneur seeking a start-up proposition. With Paul came financing, customer buy-in, manufacturing connections, and the incorporation of Armory Technologies to commercialize origami composite technology.

Our flagship product, ArmorONE panels, are proudly made in the USA with domestically sourced materials. We are founder owned and  operated, based outside Boston.

Founders and Leaders

Every team has visionaries. These are ours.
Armory’s board members include a range of industry leaders from companies such as Osterman & Company, NFI, BNY Mellon, and Climate Engineering Companies.


Our Origami Composites have been proven in some of the most demanding applications.
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Crash safety
Air mobility vehicles are becoming a reality – think giant drones, flying taxis, and delivery vehicles. In trials, Origami Composites delivered 6x greater specific energy absorption and 30x greater impact coverage versus other impact absorbing materials, like foam and honeycomb.
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Semi-trailer panels

Seeing a need in an industry that has been using the same panel technology for decades, our work with NSF allowed us to develop a targeted commercialization strategy for what became ArmorONE™, our innovative lightweight panel.

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Geothermal energy

Origami Composites is a technology that can be used in a myriad of industries and applications, including renewable energy. We developed a material to survive in extreme environments, targeting the corrosive, high pressure, and intense heat of industrial geothermal systems.

Our Mission & Values

We will lead in Origami Composites, drive continuous innovation, and provide exceptional advanced material solutions for our customers.


Dedication and devotion for the work we do


Bringing our best each and every day


Principled people and business practices


We listen and value each team member


Building beneficial long-term relationships


Working together in pursuit of excellence

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