Our Technology

The leaders in mechanical metamaterial technology.

Our technology is something you’ve never seen before. It harnesses the power of patented geometric patterns to transform everyday materials into something smarter.

Mechanical Metamaterials

The use of geometry unlocks new potential from common materials without the need for chemical or molecular engineering. These materials are distinct in their ability to meet the desired performance characteristics and material properties required for a specific application. The result is lighter, stronger, and safer solutions with endless industry applications.

inspired by art

Armory Technologies harnesses the power of geometry to engineer better products through metamaterial technology.

Limitless Potential

Our technology demonstrates a diverse range of characteristics that are flexible and can be leveraged across a multitude of applications.

Low Mass Density
Total system weight reduction

Sustainable Materials
Environmental accountability
Supply Chain Flexibility
Widely available raw materials

Diverse Manufacturing Methods
Easy system integration

Corrosion Resistance
Increased durability

Custom Characteristics
On-demand customization

Multi-directional performance

High Specific Energy Absorption (SEA)
Lightweight protection

High Crush Force Efficiency (CFE)
Mitigates sudden deceleration

Armory believes in doing more with less.

Our solutions help companies achieve their social and environmental commitments.

A cleaner lifecycle
Mechanical metamaterials reduce embodied CO2 across the entire product lifecycle, from manufacture to end-of-life process.
A sustainable future

Our products and processes can help organizations meet environmental regulations and internal sustainability goals.

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