Advanced materials for a better world.

We’re committed to doing better within our own organization and to help others fulfill their own social and environmental responsibilities.
Reduce, reuse, recycle

We take into account the entire lifecycle of our technology, ensuring that recyclable and reusable materials are available options. And the entire manufacturing process has lower embodied CO2 emissions compared to what you normally find with HDPE foam core panels.

Processes with reduced climate impact

With ArmorLite’s thermoformed core, we eliminate the need for harmful foam-blowing agents that are commonly used in the production of today’s insulating panels.

Greater fuel efficiency

ArmorLite panels are at least 30% lighter than standard industry composite panels. Lighter materials mean less fuel to deliver more goods. It’s a win-win for fleet operators and the environment.

Domestic raw materials

Products using our technology can utilize raw materials, like steel and thermoplastics, sourced within the U.S., reducing the environmental impact of long-distance transportation from abroad.

Doing more with thermoplastics

Our core material can be made of recycled thermoplastics.

Lowering embodied CO2 emissions

We reduce emissions across the lifespan, from manufacture to end-of-life.


Our foundation is based on our future

Armory is in relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow. Learn more about our dedication to building metamaterial solutions.

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