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ArmorONE Savings Calculator

Fuel, weight, or emissions – what will you do with your savings?

How much CO2 is that?

10 tons of CO2

Equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 150 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

100 tons of CO2

Equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions of 31 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

1000 tons of CO2

Equivalent to 114 homes' energy use for one year.


This calculator is an estimate to demonstrate fuel cost savings, weight savings, and emissions savings (collectively “savings”) based on an average 53-foot semi-trailer comprised of ArmorONE panels, compared to a trailer comprised of standard composite panels. Armory Technologies provides it as a guide to aid in understanding the extent of savings that could arise from employing ArmorONE panels. Emissions data: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivelancies Calculator. Actual fuel costs, mileage driven, road conditions, driver variability, and other factors play a role in operating costs and savings. Users may not reasonably rely on the outcomes from this calculator to assess actual savings. Armory Technologies does not make any representations or warranties based on these estimates.