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Sandwich panels: The importance of balancing weight and strength

semi-trailer truck on highway

How do sandwich panels work? A sandwich panel works by inserting a lightweight core material between two thin, stiff facesheets. If the whole sandwich panel deforms it behaves as a composite material that is stronger than the sum of its parts. The composite parts work together by having the thin (yet stiff) faces resist bending, […]

Lightweighting semi-trailers with advanced material solutions

The industry has recently seen increased emissions regulations, improvements in fuel economy, and upgrades to driver amenities – all great progress geared towards a better and more efficient transportation system. But all those changes have resulted in added weight. Even if your semi-trailer doesn’t max out at 80,000 pounds, the benefits of keeping your trailer […]

What are mechanical metamaterials?

At Armory Technologies we specialize in designing and producing mechanical metamaterial solutions. In this overview, we’ll discuss how mechanical metamaterials differ from conventional materials and what they can be used for, as well as the promise (and occasional pitfalls) associated with mechanical metamaterial engineering.